Urban Sculpture Trail: Stellenbosch

October 2008 - July 2010

With Predators and Prey Dylan Lewis brought a selection of 23 of his animal sculptures to his home town of Stellenbosch, a well-conserved historical gem of cultural significance in the heart of the Cape Winelands. These animal works were placed in an urban, public arena, furthering Lewis's interest in reaching a broad public. The sculptures worked as an evocative reminder of an often overlooked aspect of this cultural centre's natural history, for several of these animals once roamed the area freely.

Unlike a gallery setting, sculptures in a bustling urban centre has the benefit of reaching people from all walks of life and across all race, class and socio-economic strata.

The natural beauty of Stellenbosch and its surrounding mountains provided a beautiful backdrop for the sculptures. It was particularly fitting because the sculptor spends much time walking these mountains and they are his major source of inspiration. Interestingly, leopard are still found in this rugged landscape.