1998 - 2003

Lewis's very first sculptures date back to 1988 and were of bird forms. The sculptor's father, Robin Lewis, was a well-known sculptor of birds and the younger Lewis began creating birds in response to his father's work and style. At the time Dylan was working as a painter, but sculpting soon took over from painting as his preferred medium. Bird sculptures provide him with the opportunity to incorporate a decorative element into his work, and their delicate, fine forms are in direct contrast to those works that explore the predator's strength and power.

Lewis began sculpting birds while working at Rondevlei Nature Reserve, a wetlands conservancy and bird sanctuary in the Western Cape. While there he spent a good deal of time filling sketchbooks with studies of birdlife.
In his bird sculptures Lewis explored decorative and delicate forms in direct contrast to the later sculptures that explored the predators' strength and power.
While Lewis has not sculpted birds for some time, it is interesting that his recent human figure work has incorporated features of the Black Eagle: an example of the way the sculptor is now incorporating animal attributes into his works and blurring the boundaries between animal and human.