Recent Sculpture

2006 - 2009

In early 2006 Lewis first began to explore the human figure. By now he was finding the animal form more and more limiting as a vehicle of expression. He found he wished to explore the idea of wilderness at a more personal and philosophical level and searched for a fresh signifier that could carry new conceptual meanings, arriving at the female figure. Lewis's female figures can be seen as the gateway towards his most current male figure work and reflected a shift in his personal vision and philosophy, led by the notion that wilderness and the idea of wilderness is profoundly important to the human psyche.

While sketching the female nude in his studio Lewis was fascinated by the juxtaposition of his model and the animal forms of his sculptures, particularly the archetypal associations that this suggested to him. This was to influence the sculptor's direction and he began to juxtapose human and animal elements in his new figure work.
The textures of these works allude to the textures of landscape. The rock-like forms around these female figures are at odds with the weightlessness conjured by their composition, and blur the distinction between human and earth.
Lewis's later female figures incorporate animal attributes as well as qualities of landscape, thus blurring the distinctions between earth, animal and human and suggesting universal interconnectness.